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Who’s the Guardian of Dongsha Atoll National Park? What Should the Homeless Little Formosan Barking Deer Do? All Revealed in the National Park Picture Books

Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior has invited experts in environmental education and children’s literature to jointly participate in the editing, transformation, and drawing of the books as well as the book release marketing campaign. This year’s themes will be Shoushan National Nature Park and Dongsha Atoll National Park. The beauty of the natural landscapes in the rich ecosystem of foothills in Taiwan and the idea of plastic reduction to protect our planet are expected to be conveyed to all readers through wonderful illustrations by renowned illustrators Bernie and Liu Li-Ying.

The book release and illustrator book-reading events for “The Guardian of Dongsha” and “I Really Want to Go Home” are scheduled to be held at Kaohsiung Main Public Library this year (2018), from 2-4PM on Saturday, December 1. Children of all ages are welcome to attend the book release.


the book cover of I Really Want to Go Home
the book cover of“I Really Want to Go Home”
the book cover of The Guardian of Dongsh
the book cover of“The Guardian of Dongsha”
Poster of the book release marketing campaign
Poster of the book release marketing campaign