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A New Species Added to the Kenting National Park Record Sightings of “Snake Eels” in Gangkou Creek

The Kenting National Park Headquarters (KNPHQ) commissioned Professor Da-Ji Huang of the Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science and his team to conduct an investigation of the Gangkou Creek. During this investigation, they sighted snake eels in the river of the park, which is their original habitat. The snake eel was identified as a new species of the genus Lamnostoma in the subfamily Ophichthinae based on its morphological characteristics and nucleotide sequencing analysis by PhD student and team member Yung-Chieh Chiu. This yet unnamed new species will be submitted to and published in the journal Zootaxa, under the zoology category.

According to the investigation team, Lamnostoma snake eels have no scales for protection, they mostly inhabit the riverbed, and are found buried in the substrate, exposing only their nostrils, mouth, and eyes. They feed on invertebrates such as small fish and shrimp by ambushing their prey. As most of the eel’s skin comes into direct contact with the substrate, it can be used as an indicator when checking the health of the riverbed substrate.

Snake Eels,five pictures.
Snake Eels