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Little Green Turtles Running Towards the Sea



On August 21, a conservation class teacher from the Kenting National Park Management Office accidentally excavated a green turtle nest. Subsequently, Director Pei-Dong Liu led the colleagues of the office, conservation volunteer Mr. Xing-Hua Qian, and the Marine National Park Headquarters to conduct the Little Green Turtle Release Operations today (24th). A total of 21 green baby turtles were scheduled for release. After the staff have recorded the weight, length and other relevant data; the turtles were transfered to the Houbihu Yacht Harbor and taken out by the office’s patrol boat to the Kenting sea area. The staff and the accompanying reporters have witnessed the touching moment of the turtles’ release into the wild.

Director Pei-Dong Liu indicated: The purpose of this green turtle release project was to enable the baby turtles to return to their natural environment, to be free and eventually return back to the Kenting sea area to breed the next generation after they have matured. Let us work together to protect the precious coral reefs and the sea waters so that we may provide a better habitat for the green turtles upon their return.