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Nanwan, How it All Began


The Kenting National Park Nanwan coastal area has always been among Taiwan's hottest tourist spots. However, it currently has many well-known issues including disorganized commercial beach umbrellas, trailers parked randomly, an unclean environment, and others. The elevated expectations for recreational quality nowadays demand a change at Nanwan.

At the end of 2017, the Headquarters started to speak with Nanwan businesses. It was decided by a vote by all the businesses that a standard blue beach umbrella will be used. In May 2018, the Headquarters invited all the businesses in Nanwan to a meeting again to discuss the basic rules of beach operations. In addition to designating June 2 as the date when all beach umbrella colors are to be aligned, other rules were decided such as businesses were split into groups to clean up the environment, and rules were set regarding where trailers are to be parked.

The current changes are only a starting point. We hope to continuously change the quality of recreational activities in Nanwan with the support of all the local businesses by willing to take part in the shared goal for improvement, so that visitors will be provided with cleaner and a more beautiful Nanwan.


Nanwan, How it All Began
Nanwan, How it All Began