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Bear Encounter! Don't Panic. React Calmly.

In response to the frequent black bear appearance at various trails in Yushan National Park and the surroundings of the highway, Yushan National Park Headquarters asks the public, if unexpectedly run into a bear, to not panic and quietly leave the animal as fast as possible. May we remind you that one must observe the following rules when walking along the trails in Yushan National Park:

1. Pay attention on the trails, as well as where and when (eg. July-August) the bears appear more frequently. Walk with a buddy; bring bear bells or items that make noises and sounds to prevent the bears from getting close.

2. Do not bring pets into the mountain. When a pet encounters a bear, it may bark or chase the bear. This can prompt the bear to chase the pet or follow the pet back to the owner, shifting its target of attack to the pet owner.

3. You must leave the trails as fast as possible before the sky turns dark at dusk; and bring your leftovers and food waste down the mountain.


Bear Encounter! Don't Panic. React Calmly.
Bear Encounter! Don't Panic. React Calmly.