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The Causes behind Roadkill Tragedies - Aberrant Animals or People?

The forests located in the mid- to high-altitude areas of the Tataka region in Yushan National Park are rich in flora and fauna, making them one of the most popular destinations for people to experience nature. However, when conditions are foggy, tourists often drive too fast to react to the wild animals that lurk on the roadside and wait for humans to feed them. As a result, there have been repeated roadkill incidents involving wild animals such as the Formosan rock macaque. Therefore, Yushan National Park Headquarters is appealing to the public: Please stop feeding wild animals! Your kind intentions are harming our wildlife. Please also remember to slow down, do not drive at excessive speeds.

If you find an injured or dead animal, please report it to the national park staff at visitor centers or by phone. Please do not move or touch dead animals. Furthermore, do not approach injured animals, as fear and stress may lead to animal deaths. Instead, please wait for staff to arrive and handle the situation. You may leave your contact information if you would like to receive a follow-up report.

Forests and mountains are the homes of wild animals. Yushan National Park Headquarters has devoted its ongoing efforts towards the goals of habitat conservation and sustainable development, and we are grateful for the public's continued support and cooperation!

The Causes behind Roadkill Tragedies - Aberrant Animals or People?Two pictures.
The Causes behind Roadkill Tragedies - Aberrant Animals or People?