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Tataka Yellow-Throated Martens' Mountain Meanders

The Formosan yellow-throated marten is a 'Level III - Other conservation-deserving species' in Taiwan. It is a sub-species endemic to Taiwan and is found in primeval forests at altitudes of 300 to 3,900 meters, with mid-altitude sightings being the most common.

The Bunun people call the yellow-throated marten "sinap sakut", meaning "an animal that hunts muntjacs". The creature has a cute and cuddly appearance, but is actually omnivorous and capable of moving at remarkably high speeds. In Taiwanese, it is known as the "muntjac tiger". The yellow-throated marten feeds on small animals, insects, and fruits, and there are records of the animal hunting and eating Formosan rock macaques and brown spotted pit vipers in the Tataka region.

Tataka Recreation Area is currently the place in which yellow-throated martens can be spotted most easily in Taiwan's mountainous areas. To protect your own safety, as well as the safety of the wildlife and the environment, please do not feed wild animals, remove all food waste, and bring all garbage down the mountain. If you bring a pet with you, make sure your pet has been vaccinated regularly and is kept on a leash.

Should you come across a collared yellow-throated marten, please contact the Tataka Visitor Center at 049-2702200, Paiyun Mountaneering Center at 049-2702228, or our headquarters at 049-2773121. You can help us to obtain more information for subsequent conservation and management efforts.

The Formosan yellow-throated marten
The Formosan yellow-throated marten