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An Ode to Spring Hiking, Demystifying Hiking Guidelines

In spring and summer, the mountains are prone to heavy fog. The Yushan National Park Headquarters would like to remind people engaged in outdoor activities, such as hiking, to consider the changes in the weather when planning their trips, bring warm and water-proof clothing, and familiarize themselves with positioning techniques. Visitors should also remember to prepare maps, GPS, and communication equipment before going up to the mountains.

What should you do if you get stuck in the fog and can’t find your way? Please remember the STOP tips.

S(Stop):Stop, take a deep breath, and calm down.

T(Think): Think about where you might have gone wrong, such as at which fork in the road you lost your teammates. Please stay put and wait for help.

O(Observe):Observe yourself and observe the resources available in your surroundings. For example, observe if there is a cave or a tree hole to shelter from the wind and rain, and whether there is water available. Also pay attention to the danger factors such as land/rock slide areas, wild animals, etc.

P(Plan):Make a plan to wait for help, portion out food and water, choose a suitable place to take refuge and wait for help, and keep warm to prevent hypothermia.

An Ode to Spring Hiking, Demystifying Hiking Guidelines,two picture.
An Ode to Spring Hiking, Demystifying Hiking Guidelines