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YSNPH urges visitors to stay alert to Formosan black bears at Walami



On January 4 and June 4, Annan Service Station patrollers Zhong-yi Gao and Wei-zhong Chang of Yushan National Park Headquarters (YSNPH) spotted respectively Formosan black bears (Ursus thibetanus formosanus) near the entrance of the Walami Trail and the river bank under Shanfeng Bridge 1, and video images were maintained.

YSNPH urges visitors to stay alert to the bear when travelling to the Walami Trail. According to YSNPH, when spotting Formosan black bears in the wild, before they see you, visitors should keep a safe distance and leave quietly as quickly as possible in order not to frighten the bear. YSNPH also advises visitors not to travel alone and carry a bear bell or make more noise on the way to reduce the chance of a short-distance encounter. In addition, YSNPH reminds visitors to keep their food properly and carry all kitchen leftovers with them when they leave the mountain, so as to avoid Formosan black bears from associating people with food.