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Turning 'rot' into miracles: Where can food waste on the mountains go?


Since 2013, Yushan National Park Headquarters has been promoting meal services at Paiyun Lodge. Now, six years later, the food waste created by visitors dining at the lodge has decreased year by year. From 1271 kg of food waste in 2016 to 944 kg in 2017, there has been a 25% decrease.

The commissioned company, Yunbao Leisure Co., Ltd., monitors and controls the amount of food waste. Not only this, but their employees also carry the food waste down the mountain, where they turn it into eco-friendly enzymes and cleaning agents. These products are used to clean plates as well as the environment of the lodge and eating hall. Together, we continue striving towards the goal of zero food waste and sustainable environmental conservation in the mountain areas.

Yushan National Park Headquarters asks that visitors order meals from the lodge before making their ascent. On the one hand, this helps reduce the weight climbers have to carry; and on the other, it also reduces the amount of food waste and protects the environment. It also helps to use all the food prepared by the lodge, reducing employee workloads and maintaining the overall environment of Yushan.


Paiyun Lodge
Paiyun Lodge
Yunbao Leisure's employees carry the food up to the mountain
Yunbao Leisure's employees carry
the food up to the mountain