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A Fee is Charged for the Yangmingshan National Park Park Tour Guide Commentary Activity since October 1, 2017.



To strengthen the environmental education functions and improve tourist service quality, the Yangmingshan National Park Manage Office has formulated the “Yangmingshan National Park Park Tour Guide Commentary Activity Fee Standard” to begin charging a fee for seven tour guide commentary routs starting on October 1, 2017.

Each tour guide can provide service for up to 20 people. The fee is NT$1,500 for domestic tourists, NT$2,000 for foreign tourists, and NT$1,000 for various public or private schools (excluding child care centers, cram schools, or community colleges). To maintain the park environment, only 120 people are permitted to make a reservation per day. Due to the tour guide commentary quality, one more tour guide will be added for over 20 people, and an additional 50% of the tour guide fee will be charged for each additional group of 10 or less people.

This service uses the reservation system, so an application form must be faxed to the Yangmingshal Management Office at 02-2861-1504 at least 14 workdays prior to the event. For details on the implementation content and fee standards, please visit the Yangmingshan National Park website (