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Cherishing the Qingtiangang Grassland scenery of Yangmingshan National Park; protecting the historic bond between humans and water buffalo


Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters has stated that conserving the special landscape of the Qingtiangang Grasslands is an important mission for Park management. In 2017, they commissioned Assistant Professor Lai Yu-Ching of the Huafan University Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design Department to do research on feral cloven-hoofed species at Yangmingshan National Park and to implement a management discussion and reflection report. The findings show that the cattle are an important element in the conservation of the Qingtiangang Grasslands landscape. Further, it was noted that the water buffalo there do not actively attack visitors who keep a distance, but will become alarmed and threaten visitors who approach too closely or who come with dogs.

In order to protect visitor safety, please keep your distance from the cattle. Do not touch or tease the cattle, do not approach to take photographs, and do not use flashes. Closely follow the guidelines listed on the sign at the entrance.