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Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters Once Again Reminds the Public of the Ban on the Feeding of Taiwanese Macaques; Offenders Will Be Prosecuted


Recently, Taiwanese macaques have often been found to gather around Yangjin Highway and the Houshan Industrial Road section near Macao. In addition to signs and banners specifying the ban on the feeding of wild animals hung in the vicinity by Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters to clearly warn the public, conservation patrol members and volunteers will also be enforcing patrol and guidance along this road section. Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters said that the improper feeding action of the public will cause the Taiwanese macaques to cluster, affect the population size, change the animal’s eating habits, and result in the macaques’ dependence on human feeding, which will not only impact the ecological food chain, but will also pose serious threats to tourists' safety, health and sanitation.

The Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters once again urges the public to refrain from feeding the Taiwanese macaques, and to not arbitrarily dispose of or release domestically-kept animals. If you discover any of the above-mentioned misconducts, you can immediately contact the Park Headquarters (Telephone: (02)28613601) or the Fourth Division (Telephone: (02)28613609). Together, let us guard the precious ecological resources of the National Park.