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Transport Tip for Taroko's Jiuqudong Trail - Taking Buses is the Best Way

The trailhead of the Jiuqudong Trail is located at the 173.7 km mark of Central Cross-lsland Highway, about 13 km from Taroko on the east side and 5 km from Tianxiang on the west side. Buses can take you directly to the trailhead, and they're the best way to get there.

The routes of Taroko Bus and Hualien Bus run along Central Cross-lsland Highway. Hualien Bus has bus services running from Hualien Train Station to Tianxiang, Luoshao, and Lishan; as well as Taiwan Tourist Shuttles (route 1133) running between Hualien and Tianxiang. Taroko Bus is the electric buses that run from Xincheng (Taroko) Train Station to Tianxiang (route 302). There are a total of 50 bus services a day that head to and back from Jiuqudong Trail.

Therefore, whether you take the train to Hualien Train Station or Xincheng (Taroko) Train Station, you can immediately transfer to a bus service easily and conveniently. One-day tickets for Taiwan Tourist Shuttles (route 1133) and the electric buses (route 302) are available for purchase. They let you get off and get on at tourist attractions along the routes for unlimited number of times within a day.


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