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People are prohibited from entering Taroko National Park following the extension of the Level 3 epidemic alert. Indoor shops, public areas, indoor exhibition halls, mountain cabins, ecological protection areas, and outdoor recreation areas are closed.

Taroko National Park will implement measures for accessing the Park following the escalation to Level 3 regulations to adhere to the Central Epidemic Command Center, which has announced restrictions up to June 28, 2021.

1. In response to the level 3 regulations extension (extended until June 28, 2021) of the national epidemic alert, the closed areas in Taroko National Park are as follow:

(1) Indoor shops authorized by the Park, public areas, recreational service spots, mountain cabins, and ecological protection areas in Taroko National Park.

(2) Outdoor recreational areas: outdoor scenic spots and trails with a single entrance and exit are entirely closed (including Huide, Chongde, Shakadang, Eternal Spring Shrine (Changchun Shrine), Shanyue Suspension Bridge, Zhuilu Old Road, Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns), Yuewang (Yuefei) Pavilion Suspension Bridge, Baiyang, Huoran Pavilion, Xiaoqilai, Hehuanxi trail, etc.)

(3) Outdoor open recreational areas (including scenic spots and trails): Dekalun, Xiaozhuilu, Datong Dali, Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto), Liufang Bridge observation platform, Orchid Pavilion, Lushui, Heliu Campground, Lushui Campground, Lushui-Wenshan trail, Wuling Observation Platform, Mt. Hehuan Main Peak, Shimen Mountain, Mt. Hehuan North and West Peaks, Mt. Pingfeng trail, etc.

2. For other outdoor recreational areas, all people must wear face masks throughout the journey, maintain social distancing (1 meter), and are restricted from the gatherings of 10+ people.

3. Parking lots will reduce the number of available parking spaces by 40% and be adjusted according to the on-site conditions. Parking space capacity is set at 40%. This measure is to reduce the proximity of people in recreation areas.

4. Taroko National Park Headquarters will abide by the latest epidemic prevention guidelines set by the Central Epidemic Command Center and adjust measures according to local conditions. According to the newest epidemic situation, changes to facilities, trails, and recreational service spots of the Park will be announced separately. Thank you for your cooperation.

News issued by Taroko National Park Headquarters