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Shakadang Trail fully re-opens on July 1



The Shakadang Trail in Taroko National Park was damaged by several typhoons, and the repair work has been completed. Taroko National Park Headquarters (TNPH) will end the control of the rear section of Wujianwu on July 1 to re-open the entire trail to “Sanjianwu” (mileage marker 4.1km).

Visitors can drive through Shakadang Tunnel in the west of the Taroko Visitor Center. The entrance of the trail is located at Shakadang Bridge entrance on the right-hand side of the tunnel. From the Taroko Visitor Center, visitors can also walk 20 minutes westward to the entrance along Xiaozhuilu Trail on the left-hand side of Shakadang Tunnel.


TNPH reminds visitors travelling to Shakadang Trail that there are huge topographical changes, and slopes along the river course are unstable after the typhoons. TNPH also urges visitors not to leave the trail to enter the riverbed, shutdown or alert areas, and engage in water activities such as swimming, campfire, and river trekking, in order to prevent dangers or accidents.