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Scenic spots and walking trails reopen at Taroko National Park, with visitor centers open earlier; park shuttle bus closed for the Chinese New Year Holidays


Since the February 6th earthquake in Hualien, both the Central Cross-Island Highway and Suhua Highway have been cleared. The Taroko National Park Headquarters also immediately sent officials to examine and repair trails and facilities at the scenic destinations, and has restored the park to its pre-earthquake state. Baiyang Trail, in particular, was closed for rockslide prevention and accessibility construction. Now that construction has been completed, visitors can get an appreciation for the different sides of the trail.

During the Chinese New Year Holidays, free shuttle service at Taroko National Park has been suspended. Traffic control will be replaced by traffic diversion measures on the Central Cross-Island Highway, so visitors can drive or take public transportation on the Highway. The various Taroko National Park visitor centers will open early and host indigenous concerts and creative cultural markets to welcome visitors to spend their Chinese New Year holidays at the park.