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Explore Summer at Shei-Pa National Park this Holiday – 2019 Summer Events at Shei-Pa National Park

Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters is planning to organize a series of free environmental education activities at three recreational areas - Wuling, Guanwu, and Xuejian - during the summer holiday this year (2019).

Informational talks about the ecogenesis of the Formosan landlocked salmon are given every day at the fish viewing platform on Qijiawan River, Wuling. At night, the "Evening Insect Search - Night-time Observation Activity" will take place in the evenings. The Headquarters also plan on having professional lecturers give talks about summer constellations and astronomy at the trailhead of Xueshan. All activities take sign-ups on-site. Please contact Wuling Visitor Center at 04-2590-1350 for more information.

The "Following My Formosan Salamander Guide Around Guanwu" activity series includes storytelling theater for families and trail experiences. This year, the Headquarters have specially organized more night-time observation and animal ecology monitoring activity sessions. For more information and to sign-up in advance, please contact Guanwu Salamander Ecological Center at 037-276-300.

The Syue-Jian Visitor Center holds weekly kamishibai storytelling activities that tell Atayal myths. At the "Pretty Ferny Syue-Jian - Getting to Know Syue-Jian’s Fern Plants and Ferny Cards DIY Activity", create some long-lasting memories by making cards by hand. Please contact Syue-Jian Visitor Center at 037-962-188 for more information.


weekly kamishibai storytelling
weekly kamishibai storytelling activities
 animal ecology monitoring activity
animal ecology monitoring activity