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Shei-Pa National Park won the 15th Golden Archives Award


On October 19, 2017, the Shei-Pa National Park received the 15th Golden Archives Award for Government Organizations. The award was presented to Director Ming-Shan Zhong and his colleagues at the National Central Library. A total of 323 organizations have competed for this award, and 21 awards were issued based on the review results. This award honor is the utmost encouragement to the work performances of the colleagues and the Shei-Pa National Park Management Office.

In addition to the planning for the Wenshui Visitor Center, the eco-conservation and special landscape related theme exhibitions such as the “History of the Sacred Dabajian Mountain,” “Changes of Xueshan Peak Stone Monument,” and “the Life of the Black Bear named ‘Beloved’“ were also exhibited at the organization’s office space during the archive exhibition period in order to supplement the main visitor center display and further present the diversified archive applications and marketing. This award competition also exhibited the hard work by the Shei-Pa National Park over the past 25 years. We hope that everyone will continue to support and participate in the national park conservation work.