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Love and purify the snow mountain, carry down the wastes



From November 29th to December 1st, Shei-Pa National Park Management Office Director Chung Ming Shan and his team, Chinese Taipei Alpine Association, the Seventh Special Police Corps National Police Agency 5th Division and Lions Clubs International altogether 110 members joined the event “Love and purify the snow mountain, carry down the wastes”. The event promotes the idea of L.N.T. (Leave No Trace) to mountain hiking. A total of 55kg of body wastes was carried down from the mountain. The event educates individual about the environmental protection and the mountain should be respected and purified, while people should keep in mind of L.N.T. and protection of ecosystem.

Shei-Pa National Park Management office said, in the future they will move forward with caution by careful planning of facilities location (ex. Sightseeing platform in front of Crying slope or Xueshan Cirque). Simple washrooms will be placed for hikers to use their waste bags. Meanwhile, hikers are encouraged to carry their own waste or call for help from mountain helpers to carry down from the mountain. Shei-Pa Management office plans to open up Xueshan Cirque for camping in 2018 winter. Campers are required to carry their own waste with them when leaving the mountain.