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How Exciting! New Species - Kinmen Top-shell - Discovered in Lieyu

Surrounded by sea, Lieyu Township in Kinmen County features a coastline more than 20-kilometers long, wide intertidal zones, and many different beach landscape. The substrate environment of the intertidal zones around Lieyu is highly variable. Surveys and research conducted in Lieyu are also a part of the intertidal zone-related survey and research reports by the National Park over the years.

The Kinmen top-shell has made its first record in the world. Its sturdy and pyramidal outer shell can reach as tall as 8mm. The shell’s height is equivalent to its diameter. Due to the species’ small size and its bright brilliant colors similar to those of its habitat, it's very difficult to be spotted without close observation. The research team members would conduct surveys and make notes every day during low tide in spite of difficulties. It’s because of this that Kinmen top-shells have been found one after another throughout Guishan and Houtou in Lieyu Township. In 2018, specimens were sent to Taiwanese scholars Huang Shi-yi and Fu Yi-feng for labeling, which was later published in international journals in February 2019.


How Exciting! New Species - Kinmen Top-shell - Discovered in Lieyu,two pictures
New Species - Kinmen Top-shell - Discovered in Lieyu