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Rich Ecosystem Boasted by Dongsha Atoll National Park - A New Member Joins the Seagrass Paradise

Not only does Dongsha Atoll National Park boast a rich coral reef ecosystem, people are also paying more and more attention to its seagrass ecosystem. If one takes a close look at the green seagrass beds that extend as far as the eyes can see, one will find various creatures passing between the seagrasses, which are plants that nourish all creatures in different ways.

In 2018, Marine National Park Headquarters commissioned the research team of associate professor Liu Pi-jen to carry out the ecological survey on seagrasses in Dongsha Atoll National Park. In addition to the seven species of already-recognized and commonly-seen seagrass, the eighth species of seagrass, halophila decipiens, was discovered and identified using molecular biotechnology, marking a new record for Taiwan.

The newly found halophila decipiens seagrass has an appearance resembling that of the halophila ovalis seagrass, so the two were previously mistakenly considered as the same species. The plants’ DNA was extracted by National Dong Hwa University to conduct a species identification, which confirmed the discovery of a new species.


The newly found halophila decipiens seagrass<br />-halophila decipiens
The newly found halophila decipiens seagrass
-halophila decipiens