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Rejoice! Taijiang National Park Headquarters’ Fun Pop-science Picture Books Win Consecutive National Awards

To let children gain in-depth understanding of the rich ecological resources of Taijiang National Park, and to launch competitive publications in the market, Taijiang National Park Headquarters collaborated with well-known authors of children’s literature, Tom Wang and Liao Ping-kun, in publishing fun pop-science picture books - "Little Duck Has Two Homes" and "Little Crab Tours Taijiang".

After being published, the two picture books were well received, and they gained the recognition of consecutive national awards. "Little Duck Has Two Homes" was chosen for the Ministry of Education's Book Selection for the Elementary and Middle School New Student Reading Promotional Program in 2018 and 2019, making Taijiang National Park Headquarters the only official organization selected for primary schools’ book list. On the other hand, "Little Crab Tours Taijiang" won two awards - the Ministry of Culture’s 40th Quality Extracurricular Reading Material Award, and the Ministry of Education’s 2019 Book Selection for the Elementary and Middle School New Student Reading Promotional Program.

To get to know the fun ecological pop-science picture books by Taijiang National Park Headquarters, you're welcome to purchase them at Government Publications Bookstore, Wunan Cultural Square Bookstore, Cheng Da Bookstore (Tainan store), Taijiang National Park Visitor Center Store, and online shops. You're also welcome to watch the audio-visual animation of the picture books on Taijiang National Park Headquarters’ YouTube channel.


Little Crab Tours Taijiang
  "Little Crab Tours Taijiang"
Little Duck Has Two Homes
 "Little Duck Has Two Homes"