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Draw Your Impression of Taijiang: Open Call for Visitor Center Stamp Design Submission

The Taijiang National Park Headquarters is holding an open call for the public to submit stamp designs. Everyone is invited to draw your impression of Taijiang and create your own design. After internal selection and online voting, several outstanding works will be selected to be produced into stamps. The stamps will be used at the Visitor Center for the stamp souvenir collection.

There are two categories with different styles and orientations for the work submission: the "Cute and Fun" category and the "Beauty of Taijiang" category. Participants can select either category so that children and adults alike can have a chance to showcase their creativity! You can do a simple drawing to show your observations and curiosity about the creatures of Taijiang. You can also draw in detail to express your thoughts and feelings about the scenery of Taijiang.

The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2021. Please visit the official website of the Taijiang National Park Headquarters to download the activity brochure and see trelated information.

During the event period, there will be severalFacebook fanpagepromotions, and if you leave a comment or share, you will have a chance to win a wonderful gift from Taijiang. Share your drawings with us!