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“Taijiang Night Walk” - 300 People Embarking on the Path of Learning

Taijiang National Park Headquarters, the Taijiang Campus of Tainan Community University, and the Luerhmen Mazu Temple jointly organized the “Taijiang Night Walk” that took place on October 27, 2018. The event attracted members of the public from around the country with a total of around 300 participants.

On the afternoon of the event, the participants departed from Taijiang National Park Headquarters, taking rubber rafts to tour Sicao Lake, one of the remnants of the inland sea, as well as visiting the confluence of the Chianan Irrigation System and Yanshui River. Then they landed at the mysterious and charming Beishanwei Beach and headed north. They followed the sound of the tide and walked towards the mouth of Luerhmen River, then continued east along Luerhmen River to Zhengmen Temple, where Koxinga is worshiped. Here they took a short break before heading on to the Mazu Temple, which offers protection to fishermen. After refueling with snacks here, they completed the final stretch of the walk to the final destination along Beishanwei Road. At the end of the walk, Taijiang National Park Headquarters handed out certificates for completion of the walk. From dusk until the evening, the participants were divided into small groups for the walk, where they learned about the history and culture of the Taijiang pioneers’ who crossed the sea, and the ecological characteristics of the wetlands in Taijiang National Park.


Taijiang Night Walk 300 People Embarking on the Path of Learning, a total of four pictures
“Taijiang Night Walk” -
300 People Embarking on the Path of Learning