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Nation Parks of Taiwan

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In Response to COVID-19, National Nature Park Activities Postponed to Cooperate with Pandemic Prevention

The Shoushan National Nature Park, Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park, and Taichung Metropolitan Park are all situated in the foothills of the nearby metropolitan areas and see a large number of visitors on weekends and holidays. In response to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (COVID-19) pandemic, the three parks’ Visitor Centers, environmental education facilities and venues, and the public areas require all visitors to undergo “temperature measurement” and “alcohol hand cleaning”. Those with respiratory symptoms are required to wear medical-grade masks. Visitors whose temperature is overly high (above 37.5°C) or who do not cooperate with the pandemic prevention workers will not be able to enter the Visitor Center. Environmental education activities have been postponed to prevent group infection.

Visitors are requested to implement self-management when entering the park’s outdoor areas. When entering the park, please bring a mask and keep it on your person. If you have cough or fever, please wear a mask. Please do not feed or touch wild animals. Protect yourself and everyone else.