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Shoushan Preparatory Office will be moved Starting today wildlife observation film festival will be open to public!



New Shoushan national nature park preparatory office is now in use. All families of any age are welcome to join our event! Starting from 2017 December 9th, “The 7th International wildlife observation film festival of Taiwan” will be available in new hall on every Saturday.

The film festival opens from 2017 December 9th (Saturday) to 2018 April 7th (Saturday). Wildlife films will be exhibited all day on every Saturday in Shoushan preparatory office at 10AM and 2PM. Two sets of film will be exhibited. This year selected wildlife observation film will be discussed at the seminar in the first Saturday afternoon of every month. Local expert and travel guide are invited to share cases in Taiwan. For individual film introductions and show schedule, please visit Shoushan national nature park official website