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June 2007

June 2007
In Taiwan, an island where the tropics and subtropics meet, steep ranges stretch along the center and are joined by narrow plains on both sides. You can experience in a short time the multiple changes of ecological environments including tropical monsoon forests, subtropical broad-leaf forests and alpine coniferous forest etc. The beauty of mountains over 3,000m tall, alpine lakes and the andesite volcanic topography will bring you both satisfaction and impressible emotions.
Though privileged with such natural beauty, we must be alert to the silent fightback from Nature. Recently the importance of 「Leave No Trace」 movement has been actively advocated to educate the public through responsibly tours. In-depth reports are made in this issue on how the LNT programs originating in USA is adopted in Taiwan and how the national parks in the world striving for a balance between ecotourism and conservation.
While the marvel of the massive migration of Euploea overfly Yunlin in March still lingers in viewers』 mind, we will further introduce to you the details of butterfly distribution in the national parks of Taiwan. In addition to colorful photographs of alpine flora in the summer and many other interesting features.