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June 2008

June 2008
National Parks Bringing You a Summer Full of Wonders
Working on the National Park Quarterly makes time go by much quicker! The March issue was just completed, yet summer is already coming along with the preparations of the June issue. The colleagues in the seven national parks are all tied up with work since concerts and summer camps are all being launched.

Interviewing these national park personnel or asking them to write articles certainly puts more burdens on them. For the sake of giving our readers an exciting issue, however, we have no choice but to act like the bad guys and push them hard.

Complementing the upcoming season, the June issue is full of the summer atmosphere. Through different perspectives, we will take you to be closer to Taiwan’s rivers and seas that seem so familiar yet mysterious.

In this issue, you will visit the rivers’ origins in the mountains, understand the historical sites along the rivers, and observe the rich ecosystems hidden in them. We then take you deep into the ocean and experience the beautiful coral with Prof. Chang-feng Dai, and listen to Dr. Lian-hsiang Chou’s stories of whale and dolphin preservation. Lastly we take you to a tribal concert in Taroko and star-gazing in Kenting.

These exciting activities are impossible to be summarized in just a few words. Turn the page over and start the exciting summer journey into the national parks!

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COVER STORY: River Ocean People - River Ocean People

COVER STORY: The Rhythm of Life in the Sound of Waves - Explore the Value of Life through Stream and Oceans

COVER STORY: Life and Crisis in Taiwan's Streams - An Interview with Prof. Hsing-juh Lin Department of Life Science, NCHU

COVER STORY: The Star of the Summer Season - Prof. Yi-ju Yang on Frogs, the Fairies in the Streams

COVER STORY: Protecting Our Friends from tje Deep Sea - An Interview with Prof. Lien-siang Chou, a Pioneer in Whale / Dolphin Conservation

BRILLIANT PEOPLE: The Importance of Coral Preservation to Demand Immediate Attention - An Interview with Professor Chang-geng Dai of Institute of Oceanography, NTU

BRILLIANT PEOPLE: Passing on the Beauty of Ecological with a Camera - The Journey of Chin-fa Chen, Director of Ecological Documentary Films

CONSERVATION RESEARCH: Vast Amount of Love for the Sea

SPECIAL REPORT: The Trail Likes history scratches on the Cliff - Old Jhuilu Road - The Trail Likes history scratches on the Cliff - Old Jhuilu Road

GREEN EARTH: Love Taiwan Love the Earth - Visiting the Land with Low Pollution

PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWPOINT: Full Manifestation of Utopia on Earth - Chi-hsue Wu, Landscape Photographer

WORLD TREASURE: Everlasting Memories from Our Ancestors - Prof. Kuang-ti Li on the Ruins on Hengchun Peninsula

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Dewy Norland Grace - Towada-Hachimantai National Park

EXPERT' S VIEWS: Immediate Awareness and Effective Response to Climate Warming

EXPERT' S VIEWS: Establishment of a National Park Competency-based Traning Center

PARK REPORT: Sound of Music Echoing through the Mountains - Taroko Tribal Music Festival

PARK REPORT: Come to Kenting for a Starlight Shower - How to Identity the Southern Cross