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March 2008

March 2008
Welcome to the Spring 2008 edition of the
Welcome to the Spring 2008 edition of the National Park.
This time, we will not just take you into the beautiful mountains in Taiwan’s national parks but we are also in charge of the editing of the National Park Quarterly. Being outdoor enthusiasts, our editors treat this professional magazine dedicated to national parks quite seriously, and a lot of effort has been taken in order to ensure our magazine possesses the needed depth and coverage.

The new team continues the Magazine’s excellent quality and also introduces new elements. This is the first time the Magazine works with media such as Sanlih TV’s “Full Record of Taiwan” for having exciting coverage. In this issue, we discuss and even partake in Kenting National Park’s removal of Leucaena leucocephala. The cover stories are based on the four seasons and in the March issue, we show you the beautiful cherry blossoms in the national parks and the stories behind them, the winter journey of Euploea sylvestor, thoughts on wetlands and conservation of Hydrophasianus chirurgus by Director-general Chin-rong Lin of CPA, Professor Yao-song Lin discussing how Taiwan improves its ecosystem, and photos of steep cliffs by senior photographer Li-yong Lyu. Don’t miss this exciting issue!

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COVER STORY: Delightful Sight of Cherry Blossoms and Butterflies in Spring - Delightful Sight of Cherry Blossoms and Butterflies in Spring

COVER STORY: Having a Cherry Blossoms Shower in National Park - YNP's Expert Cherry Blossom Care

COVER STORY: Cherry Blossoms Dancing in Wulin - A Deep Sense of Aesthetics in the Cherry Blossoms Season

COVER STORY: The Professional Attitude in Pursuing the Euploea sylvester Code - The Professional Attitude in Pursuing the Euploea sylvester Code

COVER STORY: Euploea sylvester Returning Home - Euploea sylvester Returning Home

BRILLIANT PEOPLE: A man' Contribution to Taiwan - a Land Full of Wild Life - Interview with pioneer in the study of Taiwan's wild life-Professor Yao-song Lin

BRILLIANT PEOPLE: Must Do Something with One's Life - Interview with Su-rong You, Volunteer in Yangmingshan National Park

CONSERVATION RESEARCH: Removing Leucaena leucocephala

GREEN EARTH: Seeking Taiwann's Sustainable Values with the Concept of - Interview with Chin-rong Lin,Director-general of Contruction and Planning Agency

GREEN EARTH: War and Peace - Kinmen's Cih Lake Triangle Fort and cline

PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWPOINT: Mountains' Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder - Mountain Photographer Li-yong Lyu

WORLD TREASURE: The Magnificent Mountain that Protects Wildlife - Yushan National Park

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: The Closer You Get to Heaven,the More Humble You become - A visit to Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia

EXPERT''S VIEWS: National Park Administration Should Manage Invasive Alien Species

EXPERT''S VIEWS: National Park & Cultural Landscape

PARK REPORT: To Appreciate the Snows and Mountains - A visit to Syuejian Recreation Area

PARK REPORT: Crane the neck,we get Deyuelou - The reappearing glory of Deyuelou,Shueito,Kinmen