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March 2009

March 2009
The Beauty of National Parks in Sping
Spring, 2009
The lively National Park Quarterly continues. Visitors are normally impressed by the unique landscapes and valuable ecology in the parks. But with a closer look, one can also see inspiring stone inscriptions, spontaneous works of writers and gorgeous pictures by famous photographers.

This issue will show you a different face of national parks from an aesthetic perspective. There are the conversation with the prestigious architect Pao-Teh Han, the chat with Director-General Shih-Wen Yeh, and the remembering of the everlasting art magnate Max Liu. Besides quiescent appreciation of literature, we’ll bring you to Sibao Elementary School in Taroko to roam with kids in fenceless classrooms, or to Cilanshan to see the cypress forest, followed by a look at Kenting and the wonders that touched Poet Kuang-chung Yu through Cing-hua Wang’s lens, and make a last stop at Jhaishan Tunnel in Kinmen National Park to reminisce wartime stories.

In this spring issue of the 2009 National Park Quarterly, you’ll experience the essence of aesthetics, which exists everywhere in life.




COVER STORY: A Cultural Trip to National Parks

COVER STORY: Esthetics Has to be learned - An Interview with the Honorary Curator of Museum of World Religions (MWR), Mr.Pao-teh Han

COVER STORY: Promotional Publications Have Got to be of Quality - An interview with Shih-wen Yeh, Director-General of CPA

COVER STORY: Literature – A Long Journey through Mountains and Waters - An Interview with Contemporary Writer Shiao-feng Chang

COVER STORY: Entering the Dreamland - Experiencing the Romantic Significance of National Parks

BRILLIANT PEOPLE: The Painter of God - The Timeless Art Master Max Liu

BRILLIANT PEOPLE: Devoted as Lovebirds Through Their Brushes and Pens - An interview with the couple Liang-li Liu and Li-min Yin, co-authors of The Footfalls in the Verdant

SPECIAL REPORT: Mountains as Curtains Sky as Tent - Sibao Elementary School--the school closest to nature

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Looking up at the Immortal Guardian - Visiting Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SKCNP)

GREEN EARTH: Sousa chinensis in Taiwan Strait - Something more charming than “Ponyo”

WORLD TREASURE: Protecting Ancient Beauty of Nature - A visit to a world-class wonder – Cilanshan’s cypress forest

PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWPOINT: Sweet Memory of the Southern Tip of the Land - An interview with Photographer Ching-hwa Wang

EXPERT'S VIEWS: When Black-Faced Spoonbills Are Not Around

PARK REPORT: A War-scarred Time Tunnel - Visiting Jhaishan Tunnel in Kinmen

PARK REPORT: Glorious Cape Enters its 25th Year - First Stop of Conservation – Kenting