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September 2007

September 2007
Taiwan is a small island with rich ecology. Tourism may inspire more people realizing the true value of Taiwan. As the economic grows, global warming and glaciers defrosting came as the response of the Nature, our country fellows start to care about environment conservation. The mass tourism in the past can on longer satisfy the contemporary need and a new tourism module which is responsible to the environment and takes conservation as ultimate goal, is emerging. It is ecotourism.

In 2004, the National Counci l for Sustainable Development, Executive Yuan proposed Ecotourism White Book to define the spirit and goal of ecotourism. Then NCSD invited experts and scholars from different fields to form the Promotion Team on-site survey at ecotourism sites. This issue will introduce the true ecotourism and explain how ecotourism will bring benefit to the natural environment. The series feature articles will report some selected ecotourism sites, for example, Tong-Li Villages of Taroko where one can experience aborigine ecotourism, and Albe Farm inspired by the concept of a time deposit of the Nature.

Please re-approach our surrounding environment with affection. Under the circumstance of global warming, the most impacted is defrosting of glaciers and polar region. In the Cast Study, the polar trip which exploring the kingdom of penguin and presenting the masterpieces by the Nature will be introduced to our readers. In addition, this issue contains other amazing topics: The Aesthetics of Kinmen Architecture, Wonderful Taiwan Frogs, and Interview with the legendary mountaineer who made records.