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December 2007

December 2007
Biodiversity in Taiwan
Ever since the Earth gave birth to all creatures great and small, mankind have live on and in harmony with the Nature. Yet now in the 21th century, man’s excessive activities and improper use of natural resources are destroying the habitats of other lives, resulting in forests depletion, climate change and the increase of endangered species that gravely threatens our own future. How to sustain the biodiversity an keep the precious eco resources is now a significant issue for all countries.

As a member of the global village, Taiwan cannot keep itself away from the biodiversity issue. Of all the species living on this tiny island with rich ecological landscapes, 1/4 cannot be found elsewhere and 3/4 are unique with genetic characteristics. The biodiversity and rich eco resources make Taiwan a major place of life resources in the world. Hence 7 national parks have been established since 1982 with management focusing on the conservation of endangered species as well as active establishment of areas for preserving biodiversity and sustainable use. To promote environmental education, a variety of conservational programs have also been initiated in recent years, whose accomplishment will be reported in this issue.

In the “Photographic Viewpoint”, you will have a kaleidoscopic encounter with the fall foliage, rime and other natural beauties of the autumn and winter in Taiwan. A potential candidate for World Heritages, Taroko Gorge will impress you through a special report in this issue with its spectacular mountains and geological wonders.