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September 2008

September 2008
Immersing in the History of National Parks in Autumn
The energy and passion of our editorial department certainly do not pale away in front of the scorching sun. After enjoying our breezy summer issue, we will now take you to experience the beauty of culture in the cool autumn season.

This issue also marks the third quarter of our collaboration with the national parks as both parties have developed a good relationship. The National Park Quarterly is like a baby under our joint care and effort, and we wish to help it grow and give our readers more heart-moving experiences.
The journey back in time begins with our cover stories. We take you to Yangmingshuwu to experience the strict governance in the earlier day, and to discovered the Japanese buildings, learn about mountain conservation, gaze upon eagles with Dr. Kuang-ying Huang, we will visit the grand Dabajian Mountain after the last visit 4 years ago and enjoy Bunun's choir. Lastly, we take you to enjoy the view of the Hying eagles in Kenting and enjoy the delightful sorghum liquor in the autumn harvest.

It is never easy to summarize exciting things in just a few words. In this season of reunion, have some moon cake with your family, and come into the peaceful, autumn season in our September issue.
Text / By the Editorial Dept


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