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September 2009

September 2009
Wisdom from Nature Beneath Steps toward Peaks
Central Mountain Range, which represents the “spine” of Taiwan, contains countless naturaltreasure and infuses everlasting vitality into the island. By getting closer to the mountains,many Taiwanese have become“ mountain's children” who love and respect mountains. Because,their clear beauty and significance can only be best grasped on their peaks.

This fall issue is spun around the conquering of the seven summits. Take a look at how thisbiggest expedition plan in Taiwan's history has originated from mere groping to successfulconquering, and how local mountaineers have learned to get along with mountains with thewisdom of humility and tolerance.

Let's read with Hsia-hsiung Wu, a veteran mountaineer, architect, and photographer, andexperience the world's greatest mountains through the lens of his old Hasselblad camera. And feelthe benevolence and wisdom in the Director-general Chang-yi Chang of National Park Association.Then visit farmeress Bao-lian Li in Lishan with us, and finally follow a writer couple in the States fora visit to Denali National Park in Alaska.

What we will have in this September issue is a marvelous trip toward mountain peaks.

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Cover Story: Reaching the Top Learning from Mountains

Cover Story: Lessons from Mountains - Learning About Mountaineering Ethics with Hsia-hsiung Wu

Cover Story: True Meaning on the Summit - An Interview with Mountaineering Coach Tai-sheng O'Young

Cover Story: Mountaineering is More Than Walking in Mountains - An Interview with Ming-ben Liang, Secretary-general of Republic of China Alpine Association

Cover Story: Mountain Accident Prevention - 3 DOs for Saving Yourself in a Mountain Accident

Cover Story: Technology Makes Mountaineering More Enjoyable - Passing on the Last Whereabouts

Brilliant People: A Scholar of Benevolence and Wisdom - An Interview with Director-general of National Park Association, Professor Chang-yi Chang

Brilliant People: Legendary Lishan Farmeress A-bao - Ten Years of Mountain Living

Green Earth: Guarding the Heart Zone of Taiwan - A Pilgrimage through Central Mountain Ecological Corridor

SPECIAL REPORT: The Pride of Taiwan on the World's Summits - On the Success of Taiwan's Atunas Seven Summits Expedition Team

World Treasure: Vanishing Taiwan Cow-tail Fir - An Interview with Prof. Hann-chung Lo of School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, NTU

Learning Experience: Denali National Park in Alaska - The Picturesque Tundra

Photographic viewpoint: Half-century Passion, Five-thousand-km Journey - Hsia-hsiung Wu, A Photographer That Tells Stories Through His Lens

expert 's views: Rethinking the Promotion of Taiwan's Ecotourism

Park Report: Towards the Tops of Nine Summits - Little by Little, Show Your Love for Taiwan

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