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September 2010

September 2010
Feathery Tales in Formosa
I wish what greet you are not the hunters but tasty lizards, or snakes, or bugs, or the clear sky in the South so that you'd leave with pleasant memories.
The Grey-faced Buzzard by Kuang-chung Yu

At a time when people knew little about conservation, excessive capture once killed countless migratory birds. Thanks to the endeavors of conservation groups and national parks in the past two decades, the last shelter has now transformed into a sanctuary for birds.

The hands that used to barbecue the birds have turned into the hands that protect the birds. What kinds of dedication have contributed to the change?

This September issue of National Park Quarterly tells various stories of our feathered friends from different aspects. Associate Prof. Min-hwang Liang of Graduate Institute of Environmental Policy at Dong Hwa Univ., Section Chief Ling Lin of National Parks Division, and Chien-chung Cheng, President of Chinese Wild Bird Federation, look back on the history of bird conservation in Taiwan and share their bird-loving experiences. In addition, Yi-shen Ho, Head of Guandu Nature Park explains how bird banding may help experience the stories of flying. From Taijiang National Park, Conservation Section Chief Kuang-ying Huang teaches readers an important lesson on monitoring habitats for wild birds.

Next, let's listen to Lucia Liu Severinghaus of Academia Sinica about her extraordinary stories and career of bird conservation; and follow the bird expert Chien-chung Sa to know more about the Kingfishers in Taiwan proper and Kinmen; and then read about how photographer Qing-song Sun pulled through the low points in his life and found gratification in the avian world. Besides, former Director-general of CPAMI Lung-sheng Chang gives a guided tour to Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, introducing the park's gorgeous scenery and advanced ways in managing wildlife habitats. Finally, this issue of NPQ informs readers of the best bird-watching sites across Taiwan's national parks.


Expert 's Views
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