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June 2012

June 2012
Summer Heat Summer Feast
When talking about global warming, what are the crises the plants and animals that live in national parks facing? While in the forest, cicadas are hosting their own summer music festival, singing songs of nature that are soothing and tranquilizing yet, at times, seems booming and powerful to the listeners. Meanwhile, a Japalura swinhonis yawns lazily under the leafy wild candlenut, using its natural ability to keep cool from the summery heat. On the other hand, the advent of Kinmen’s City God Reception Parade with gongs and drums, and the Hakka Bayin playing, can be heard on this sizzling hot summer day, where the welcoming procession for the City God by the faithful worshippers are in progress, chanting blessings for the land and people. Dishes after dishes of the renowned Southeast Asian/Kinmen delicacies also foster one's taste buds — creating a new cultural experience that is felt deep within the heart, and soothes the nostalgic feeling of each wanderer on the foreign land.