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March 2019

March 2019
Memorizing Time and Space through Sound
How much sound between heaven and earth can we hear? The great philosopher
Zhuangzi who was born more than 300 B.C. ago, spoke of the “music of man”,
the “music of earth” and the “music of heaven” through the heaven gazing Nan-Guo
Zi-Qi in article “On Leveling All Things”. The music of man is consist of songs made
of pipes and flutes; the music of earth is from wind flowing though mountains and
woods. But when speaking of the music of heaven, he only gave an open answer,
asking everyone to think about what kind of power is stimulating the sound of
everything in the universe. What is the sound of heaven? Perhaps everyone will feel
differently at this moment because of their emotions, but there is no doubt that
the sound would be deeply imprinted in everyone’s heart and become an eternal
memory of this scenery. We can’t use a precise adjective to describe the beautiful
sounds in the national parks, just like the music of heaven cannot be defined.
But through this cover story, we hope we can share with you and remember the
meaningful nature and culture with you through sound.