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September 2019

September 2019
Adventure through Touch
Under the shade of a tree, a spot of coolness fell on the cheeks, wiping away the hot spell of autumn; open your arms and embrace the giant tree that is far beyond your age, and feel the vitality of life in the rough touch. When strolling along the beach, the sand under the feet tightly hugs each toe, radiating heat received from the sun, but disappears without a trace the second the waves hit. With the hands that once soaked in warm dye yam juice, a wrinkled smile under the eaves leads a pair of tender hands, step by step, through the sharpness of the fingertips slowly organizing the silky threads that will later cover our bodies. The warmth, the cold, the burning, the soft, the strong, and the stinging… The feeling that engraved in the skin cells will leave the longest lasting clues in memory.