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  • March 2010

    March, 2010. A chill can still be felt in the warm winter. The National Park Quarterly has walked into the sixth year since its initial publication. T...

  • September 2010

    I wish what greet you are not the hunters but tasty lizards, or snakes, or bugs, or the clear sky in the South so that you'd leave with pleasant memor...

  • September 2009

    Central Mountain Range, which represents the “spine” of Taiwan, contains countless naturaltreasure and infuses everlasting vitality into the island. B...

  • June 2010

    Surrounded by the ocean, Taiwan has long inherited a marine culture of boats, harbors and tides. However, the bountifulness of the sea has given human...

  • September 2008

    The energy and passion of our editorial department certainly do not pale away in front of the scorching sun. After enjoying our breezy summer issue, w...

  • December 2007

    Ever since the Earth gave birth to all creatures great and small, mankind have live on and in harmony with the Nature. Yet now in the 21th century, m...