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December 2008

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Capturing the Beauty of Taiwan - Eyes on the National Parks Photography Contest

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Winners and Appreciation/Analysis
Mysterious Veil
  • Prize: Gold
  • Winner: Zong-sian Sie
  • Title of Work: Mysterious Veil
  • Theme of Shot: Taroko
  • Analysis: Both the composition and lighting are managed perfectly. The look of the two childen on the down left corner to the Budda-face-like rock shows the photographer’s carefulness and efforts.
  • Appreciation: Encountering by chance the Budda when he unveils himself to the world, the children luckily get the secrets of heaven.
Another World
  • Prize: Silver
  • Winner: Cai-fong Hu
  • Title of Work: Another World
  • Theme of Shot: Taroko
  • Analysis: The beauty of symmetry (two tunnels standing side by side) and the beauty of asymmetry (mobile tracks of cars and static silhouette of people stopping by) demonstrates the photographer’s ingenuity.
  • Appreciation: The tortuous tunnels of Swallow Grotto present another world that makes people linger.
Face of Hehuan
  • Prize: Bronze
  • Winner: Jhih-ping Chen
  • Title of Work: Face of Hehuan
  • Theme of Shot: Taroko
  • Analysis: The lighting, composition and the mountain plants in Taroko (Senecio nemorensis) are handled in harmony with one another, which makes the work distinct from ordinary photos with the same theme.
  • Appreciation: There are a green forest of firs and a gentle slope of grass and canes; there are also continuous mountains and blooming flowers in profuse colors.
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