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March 2018

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Hands behind the Afforestation in the Sea - Story about coral reefs rehabilitation in Dongsha Atoll

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Interviewee / Huey-Ru Chen, Associate Technical Specialist, Marine National Park Headquarters Conservation Research Section
Article / Wei-Hong Chen
Photo / provided by Huey-Ru Chen

People say mountains are silent, they quietly follows the time, operate through the four seasons. Who said waters are heartless? Tide in and tide out they come and go, bring great changes to the world. People thought it “silent” because they have not yet learned to listen; they feel it “heartless” because they are not fully devoted. There is this group of people who devoted all their emotions, feeling the hardship of trees rooting down into the earth, listening to the difficulties of creatures surviving in the sea, watching the struggles of birds in the wetlands migrating back and forth. At the same time, they use the most rational sense to analyze the results from observations accumulated overtime, and convert them into logistic and careful habitat management plans. When the ocean calls for a healthy coral reefs, when the land cry for a green recovery, when the birds are disturbed and distressed……, their never stopping five senses will always promise the most immediate response. They are nature’s best pals, they are our national park’s research and conservation practitioners.


Mt. Taiwu / provided by Kinmen National Park Headquarters (photo by Dong-Kun Liao)
Mt. Taiwu / provided by Kinmen National Park Headquarters
(photo by Dong-Kun Liao)
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