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March 2018

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Shades of green in the mist - Greening Kinmen step by step

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Interviewee / Tien-Huo Chiou, Section Manager, Kinmen National Park Headquarters Conservation Research Section

Article / Pei-Ying Lee

Photo / provided by Tien-Huo Chiou 

Kinmen, with its strategic defense position, has gone through many heartshaking battels, and left us with many representative battlefield histories. Fujian-style architecture and western-style buildings have shaped its unique cultural landscape. Walking in the ancient settlements under the shades of trees with dawn lights cascading down, the morning mist, spring scenery, and tree shadow seems to be brewing a special flavor that only belongs to Kinmen. The shades of green far and near carried traces from thousands of years of reclamation as well as sweats from the hard work of afforestation, and moreover, the meaning of one generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation.


Shades of green in the mist / Tian-Ding Tsai
Shades of green in the mist / Tian-Ding Tsai
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