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March 2018

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Guardians of the Homeland - Protecting and flourishing with Taijiang ecology at the frontline

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Qigu Wetland/ Sun-Shine Chuang
Qigu Wetland/ Sun-Shine Chuang

Interviewee / Taijiang National Park Headquarters, Ming-Hua Li (Park Ranger), Ming-Ta Huang (Park Ranger), Yu-Jen Li (Volunteer Patrol)

Author / Pei-Rou Liau

Photo / provided by Taijiang National Park Headquartersr

In the past, wetland marshes were regarded as wild and humid wasteland, and fated to being used for landfills or drainage. However, with increasing overall understanding and awareness of the environment and wetland ecology research, the importance and value of wetlands were gradually spotlighted, and subsequently their protection and restoration. Taijiang is the first national park to be established from bottom up, and is closely knit with the local community. Community identification with and contribution to its ecology have resulted in strong and enduring emotional bonding, and the determination to protect it, making wetland ecology a joint belonging to both humans and other living organisms.

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