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March 2018

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About Tianxiang and its History - The land carved by river and culture

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Tianxiang’s multilayered terraces in the mountain ravine
Tianxiang’s multilayered terraces in the mountain ravine

Article & Photo / Mao-Yao Lin

Following the Central Cross- Island Highway west from Taroko, along a meandering road that passes through Swallow Grotto, Zhuilu Cliff and the Tunnel of Nine Turns, a breathtaking stretch of Taroko Gorge, you will soon reach Tianxiang. Unlike this narrow, precipitous gorge, Tianxiang is undoubtedly a vast inland area, and those who are fortunate enough to visit this section of deep valleys and endlessly beautiful vistas will be rewarded with a tangible sense of this landscape’s vastness and magnitude. Many people stop here for a quick pit stop, where they can relieve tension, gain peace of mind, and feel as though they were in beautiful transition scene in a dramatic movie.

However, to say Tianxiang is just a ‘transition scene’ would be an understatement; rather than just a picturesque scene in a movie, Tianxiang is indeed the protagonist of its own story.


Author | Mao-Yao Lin

A senior commentator of the Taroko National Park, Mao-yao Lin has spent many years giving lectures on the environment and training other commentators. She enjoys hiking along the trails and investigating their ecology and history. She has a wealth of experience observing nature, and is especially good at integrating changes in the natural environment, culture, and history to recount wonderfully inspiring stories about this landscape and its history. Author of “A Walk to Taroko”, among other books.

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