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December 2018

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Drawing Becomes Alive - Promote Picture Books of National Parks

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Covver of picture book
Covver of picture book

Article / Li-Chiao Lai
Photo / Ministry of the Interior Construction and Planning Agency National Parks Division

It has been more than 30 years since the establishment of our National Park, and many achievements in conservation research were accumulated over the years. These are precious assets and an important basis for implementing the National Park’s conservation concept. However, how to transform these difficult academic achievements into knowledge that can be easily understood and accepted by the public, and even be rooted down to preschoolers and young children is not an easy task. Our national parks have also made many different attempts, looking to find a more direct way to impress people. The use of picture book is one of them.

Childlike innocence jump out of paper

The national park’s interpretative education promotion sites in the past were mostly limited to the park, targeting both adults and school-age children. The main method is for visitors joining a guided interpretive tour when visiting the park, or learn about the operation and management of the national park through self-guided interpretation at the visitor center. However, visitors would need to consider the accessibility and convenience of transportation to the national park’s interpretive sites when visiting, in addition, stiff conservational propaganda is also difficult to break into children’s heart. Therefore, the National Park began to think about the possibilities of how to not being limited by time and space as well as subtly pass on our environmental philosophy into preschoolers and school-age children.

In 2013, the National Park held a competition in environmental education teaching plan for primary and secondary students and invited teachers from primary and secondary schools to participate. Outstanding teaching plans were selected at the end. Then the results from 2014 to 2017 were carried out into the initiation, planning and editing, graphics creation, and publishing of 8 picture books according to the different reading levels of student. In 2016, elementary schools in the vicinity counties near the nine national parks were selected as seeded schools, and writers, illustrators or related experts in connection with the content of the 8 picture books were also invited to these remote campuses, carrying out nearly 70 promotional reading sessions.

Covver of picture book
Covver of picture book
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