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Visitor Safety

Attention for visitors

subway tunnel
  1. Advance reservation is needed to guarantee flight seat availability. Airline schedules tend to change easily due to weather conditions especially in spring.
  2. It is freezing in Kinmen in winter. Remember to bring warm clothing. There are large temperature differences between day and night in Taiwan. When doing night activities remember to keep warm.
  3. Due to many mine fields in Kinmen area, please do not enter restricted areas for your own safety. Most coastlines are still military restricted areas where tourists are not allowed to enter.
  4. Please respect local inhabitants when visiting the traditional houses and villages.
  5. Kinmen is a famous bird-watching spot. When observing them, please do not disturb
    activities and destroy their habitats.
  6. To maintain famous landscapes in Kinmen, please follow regulations and restrictions set by the Kinmen National Park.