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Visitor Safety

Notices to visitors

wild animal
  1. Before departure, visitors should inquire for traffic information, weather, and accommodation.
  2. All signs with prohibition and warning should be followed in the public garden area.
  3. If any situations happen in the garden area, please inform the staff as necessary, and follow up the safety instructions
  4. Information Inquiry:(037)998100
  5. Earthquakes, typhoons and heavy rains may make the roads and trails dangerous or impassable. Contact the park headquarters for advice on your proposed route.
    Useful addresses and telephone numbers:

    ※ Headquarters:
    Tel: 886-37-996100
    Fax: 886-37-996302

    ※ Wuling Visitor Center:
    Tel: 886-4-25901350

    ※ Guanwu Administration Station:
    Tel: 886-37-276300

    ※ Website:
    Shei-pa National Park