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Accommodation in Taroko

Please read articles in our website for more information about accommodation in Taroko National Park.

Hotel Tel Fax Address
Hualien Farglory Hotel
No.18,Shanlian,Yanliau Tusen, Shoufeng Shiang,Hualien Taiwan R.O.C.
Chinatrust Hotel
No.2, Yongsing Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan R.O.C.
Parkview Hotel
No.1-1, Linyuan, Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan R.O.C.
Marshal Hotel
No.36, Gongyuan Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan R.O.C.
Re She Hotel
No.122, Jhongfu Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

How To Get There

Coastal Road


  1. Transportations
  2. Road conditions

Hualien Train Station- 886-3-8355941
Sincheng Train Station- 886-3-8611237
Hualien Bus Company- 886-3-8323485
Shuttle Bus (Hope Land Co.)- 886-3-8355437
Hualien Airport Service Center- 886-3-8210220~1
Far Eastern Airlines- 886-3-8326191~2
Mandarin Airlines (Huashin)- 886-3-8263989
Trans Asia Airlines (Fushihn)- 886-3-8329181

Map Of The Park

map of Taroko
Taroko National Park, in the north-eastern part of the island, faces the Pacific Ocean on the east and covers an area of more than 92000 hectares in the northern section of the Central Mountain Range. The Park is 36 kilometers from north to south and 42 kilometers from east to west. It is situated at the Nantou. The park has many high mountains and steep gorges, with many peaks towering above 3,000 meters in height, and with many natural watersheds. The spectacular Taroko Gorge and the scenic beauty of the Liwu River can be viewed conveniently from the Central Cross-Island Highway. The many waterfalls, diverse forms of plant and animal life, and the indigenous Taroko people, together create the rich texture of this unique natural ecosystem.

Park Contacts

Information of Visitor Center

LocationOpening HoursTel
Park Headquarters
08:30am ~ 16:45pm
Tel: (03)8621100~6
Fax: (03)8621263
Buluowan Service Station
08:30am ~ 16:30pm
Tel: (03)8612528
Fax: (03)8612521
Lyushui Service Station
09:00am ~ 16:00pm
Tel: (03)8691190
Fax: (03)8691129
Tiansiang Service Station
08:00am ~ 17:00pm
Tel: (03)8691162
Mt. Hehuan Service Station
Tel: (04)25991195
Park Headquarters Police
Tel: (03)8621405
Wunshan Park Police
Tel: (03)8691202
Hehuan Park Police
Tel: (04)25991191
Emergency Call

Visitor Safety

Attention for visitors

The Entrance Arched Gate of the Central Cross-Isla
【Driving safety 】
  1. Check out the official websites of Taroko National Park, Nantou and Hualien County Governments to understand traffic regulations in the snow season, snow (road) situation, service items, safety instructions, and some other traveling information.
  2. Repair of car in the mountains is difficult. Please be sure to examine the cars and your repair tools before setting off.
  3. Roads in this area are prone to be frozen all over 106K to 112K at Hwy. No. 8 (Central Cross-Island Highway); 39K, 37K and 34.5K (at Kenanguan) to 29.3K (at Kunyang)at Wushe Branch of Hwy. No. 14A. Drive with caution and avoid driving at nights or early mornings.
  4. When driving in the snowing area, please drive out of the area as soon as possible to avoid being trapped by snow piles.
  5. Please equip cars with skid chains when you plan to drive along roads covered with considerable snow.
  6. Follow the instructions by traffic controllers in the snow season.
【Personal safety during outdoor activities】
  1. Mountain sickness easily occurs in the mountainous areas. Please do not carelessly take medicine (like pain-killers). Besides going to the nearest medical station, patients should immediately go downhill.
  2. The weather is extremely damp and cold in the high mountains. Please carry enough clothes to keep off moisture and coldness when traveling in low temperature areas.
  3. Piled up snow on mountains glisten brightly. Please wear sunglasses and caps to prevent snow blindness.
  4. Recommended personal equipment include: thick clothing, coats, rain-jackets, gloves, scarves, woolen cap, hats, sunglasses, thermos, medical lipsticks, pocket warmers, flashlights, portable oxygen cylinders, personal medicine, cell phones (Chungwha Telecom has better reception along the Central Cross-Island Highway).
【Other notices】
  1. If you need lodging, please make inquiries and reservations in advance. Moreover, please bring the portable grain rations and thermos with you.
  2. The water supply in Mt. Hohuan is unstable and pipes in the winter are easily frozen. Please solve these physical problems before entering the mountains.
  3. The treatment of litter is difficult during the snow season; the environment cannot easily be maintained. Please do not litter on the mountains.

Travel Guide

Bicycle Trip

Valley and trail route
Visitor Center → Shakadang Trail → Buluowan → (Yanzikou/ Swallow Grotto) →Tiansiang → (backward) Jiucyudong/ Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail → Changchun Shrine/ Eternal Spring Shrine → Entry pass of Taroko Gorge.
※ Instructions:
  1. Trails: Shakadang (to the middle spot: Wujianwu/ 5D Cabin), Lyushui Trail, Baiyang Trail, Wenshan Hot Spring Trail (closed), Changchun Shrine Trail. Choose one of them.
  2. The best landscape of the Taroko Gorge is located between Yanzikou to Jiucyudong. Choose one of them to walk (the latter is safer for the separation of cars and tourists).
Gorge and Cingshui Cliff Route
Visitor Center → Buluowan → (Yanzihkou/ Swallow Grotto) → Tiansiang → (backward) Jiucyudong Trail/ Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail → Changchun Shrine (Eternal Spring Shrine) → Entry pass of Taroko Gorge → Chongde Tunnel N. Opening Trail (or Huide Tunnel N. Opening Trail)

Bus Trip

Five-hour Trip
  1. Hualien (bus) → Visitor Center →(walking) → Shakadang Trail (Wujianwu/ 5D Cabin) → backward
  2. Hualien (bus) → Visitor Center →(walking) → Changchun Shrine Trail (Eternal Spring Shrine Trail) →> backward
  3. Hualien(bus) → Tiansiang → (walking) →Baiyang Trail → backward(bus) [ On the way home: Sightseeing of the Central Cross-Island Highway landscapes]
  4. Hualien(bus) → Lyushui Trail → (walking) → Tiansiang → backward(bus) [On the way home: Sightseeing of the Central Cross-Island Highway landscapes]
  5. Hualien(bus) → Wenshan Hot Spring (closed) → (walking) → Tiansiang → backward(bus) [On the way home: Sightseeing of the Central Cross-Island Highway landscapes]
  1. Buses from the Hualien Bus Company go through the Central Cross-Island Highway. Or, bus tours are offered by local travel agencies and hotels.
  2. If taking the train, tourists can get off at Sincheng Train Station and take a taxi (about 7 minutes) to the Visitor Center. Or, tourists can get off at Hualien Train Station and then transfer bus (or rental car) to Taroko Station (at least an hour needed) or to Tiansiang Station (about two hours).

One-day Trip

Carefree tour around the mountains and waters—Jiucyudong Trail/ Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail
Hualien ← 26km → Visitor Center ← 2.3km → Changchun Shrine ← 4.4km → Yanzikou ← 3.8km → Jiucyudong Trail ← 5.5km → Tiansiang ←(lunch) ←2km → Lyushui (Lyushui Trail) ← 12.7km → Buluowan ← 36.7km → Hualien
“Thousand-year waves wash off dusts” — Cingshui Cliff tour
Hualien ← 26km → Visitor Center ← 14km → Cingshui Cliff ← 6km → Chongde (Lunch) ← 16.7km → Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto) 3.8km → Jiucyudong Trail ← 3.5km → Lyushui ← 10.7km → Buluowan ← 36.7km → Hualien
“Like assorted pearls falling in a jade plate” - Baiyan Trail tour
Hualien ← 26km → Visitor Center ← 2.3km → Changchun Shrine ← 7km → Buluowan (lunch) ← 3.4km → Yanzikou ← 3.8km → Jiucyudong Trail ← 5.5km → Tiansiang ← 0.9km → Baiyan Trail ← 44.9km → Hualien

Two-day Trip

Huoran Pavilion — Tiansiang Trail
Day 1

Hualien ← 26km → Visitor Center ← 16km → Cingshui Cliff ← 16km → Taroko ← 8.7km → Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto) ← 10.2km → Baiyang Trail ← 6.4km → Jiucyudong Trail ← 38.5km → Hualien (Lodging)

Day 2

Hualien ← 28.3km → Changchun Shrine ← 7.7km → Buluowan ← 13.7km → Tiansiang (lunch) ← 8.5km → (Huoran Pavilion-Tiansiang Trail,1.6km/ to-and-fro 30 minutes--only open the trail entrance from Tiansiang Youth (Hostel) Activity Center 800m section ) ← 46km → Hualien

Mt. Cingshui — Shakadang Trail and Suhua Landscape
Day 1

Suhua Highway ← 41km → Cingshui Cliff ← 7km → Cingshui Cliff Trail ← 5km → Chongde Tunnel N. Entrance ← 3km → Chongde (lunch) ← 5km → Visitor Center ← 1km →Shakadang Trail ← 9.2km → Buluowan (lodging)

Day 2

Buluowan ← 3.4km → Yanzikou ← 3.8km → Jiucyudong Trail (around 2km for one-way walking, 40 min needed) ← 3.6km → Lyushui - Heliu Trail ← 2km → Tiansiang(lunch) ← 18km → Central Cross-Island Highway → Backward

Traveling in Central Cross-Island Highway and Returning in Suhua Landscape
Day 1

Central Cross-Island Highway (Kunyang) ← 2km → Wuling ← 2.3km → Mt. Shihmen Trail ← 8.5km → Dayuling ← 5km → Guanyuan (lunch ← 11km → Bilyu ← 5.79km → Cih-en ← 9.2km → Sinbaiyang ← 11.2km → Luoshao ← 7.5km → Sibao ← 8.4km → Tiansiang(Lodging)

Day 2

Tiansiang ← 0.9km → Baiyan Trail ← 3.5km → Lyushui ← 3.6km → Jiucyudong ← 3.9km → Yanzikou ← 9.5km → Visitor Center ← 20km → Su-hua highway(Heren boundary tablet) → backward

Three-day Trip

Central Cross-Island Landscape — Lianhua Pond Trail
Day 1

Hualien ← 26km → Visitor Center → 6.7km → Yanzikou ← 3.8km → Jiucyudong Trail ← 5.5km → Tiansiang (lunch) ← 4.9km → Lianhua Pond Trail (around 3.7kmX2, 3-4 hours to-and-fro) → 5.1km → Tiansiang (lodging)

Day 2

Tiansiang ← 7.8km → Sibao ← 7.8km → Luoshao(lunch) ← 11.4km → Sinbaiyang ← 9.2km → Cih-en → 5.3km → Bilyu ← 10.9km → Guanyuan (lodging)

Day 3

Guanyuan ← 4.8km → Dayuling ← 6.1km → Mt. Shihmen Trail(height:3237m) ←1.3km → Wuling (Wu Peak, height:3275m) ← 2km → Kunyang → backward