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Reservation for Heliu Campground

Guidelines and Reservation for Heliu Campground

Heliu campground, located at 171.4 km on Provincial Highway 8, is comprised of 12 wooden tent platforms (3.7*4.2 square meters), restrooms (including cold showers), and washstands, and is equipped with running water and lighting. The daily fee per wooden platform is NT$300 and is first-come, first-served. Use of the campsite depends on your registration order during weekdays and weekends until the wooden platforms are fully booked.

Because numerous scenic spots (Yuewang Pavilion, Lushui Trail, and Tianxiang recreation area) are close to Heliu Campground, this area becomes a very popular site for all visitors. For the benefit of campers: if there are four public holidays in a row (consecutively), advanced booking is required for 6 wooden platform tent spaces (each big tent = 10 persons tents, on a raised plank). Reservation should be completed 1-7 days prior to your requested date. Operation of campground is outsourced by the park. To book tent space, please call 03-8691359 (Service hours: 08:30 am – 16:30 pm) The other 6 wooden platform tent space remain first-come, first-served. For the upcoming four-day Holiday for Children’s Day and Tomb Sweep Day from April 4th – 7th 2019, campground reservation begins at March 27, 2019. Please make a reservation ahead.

A second campground(Lüshui Campground), is 800 meters west of Heliu. The floor of Lüshui campground is earth and grass, and the camp site offers lighting and washstands. This campground is not equipped with tent platforms nor showers. Campers are free to use toilets of Lüshui Service Station (next to the shop). No booking is required and use of the campground is free of charge.


(a) keep the environment clean,

(b) do not build campfires,

(c) do not feed wild animals, and

(d) please bring your trash with upon your departure.